Hey…What is League?
Great Question!!
Jr & Sr League is where youth are given space, where they can start to live, learn and understand how their faith-based values and social life can develop and grow together.
You know, where you get to like the kids you want to like, no matter what this click tells you or what that click tells you. A place where we are free to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Let’s face it…we are all weirdos in one way or another. Guys, that’s the one thing we all have in common that we can all count on…we are broken.
League is where everyone knows we are broken in one way or another, we love anyway. A place that doesn’t tolerate the heavy worldly overtones and labels, we love anyway.
We don’t care about who’s the richest or poorest kid in the room. Or, who’s the most gifted, best athlete, smartest, skinniest, on and on and on!
It’s a place where everyone is just learning how to live everyday life and seek a relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior…whatever that means.
A place where we have a ton of fun, adventures, get-a-ways, all the while trying to understand His Love for ourselves and our world.
Learning how to reflect the things that we learn about God to others by doing outreach and service projects in our church community and the community around us.
I think the word is out… We are pretty well known to travel quite long distances to experience service and our bigger world. Come with next time.
League is a Place where Kindness, Acceptance and Love is the norm and everything else is parked at the door.
A Place where everyone is welcome. No matter what church you and your family belong to. No matter how this world defines you…you are welcome at League.
The ALC Jr & Sr League invite you to get involved; to be a part of a community called