Family Ministries

ALC’S Family Ministry’s
4:30 PM- 6:30 PM
September 15th- Planning the activities for the year
October 6th-
October 20th-
November 3rd-
November 17th-
December 1st-
December 15th-
January 5th-
January 19th-
February 2nd-
February 16th-
March 1st-
March 15th-
April 5th-
April 19th-
May 3rd-
May 17th-
NOTE: Child Care is provided by Youth Ministry
so the adults can enjoy being adults
a couple times a month.
Who Are We?
Generally, 25ish to 45ish, but, no specific age restrictions.
Do not need to be a church member; All are welcome.
Bring a friend!
We are people looking for a fun night out, social interaction, break from work, parenting, etc.
What Do We Do?
Share a meal and discussion and explore many topics of faith, personal life, entertainment or anything of interest.
Game Nights:
Are spent playing board games, cards, trivia, charades or more.
Craft Activities:
These nights are mostly around holidays and we do things like, gingerbread houses, etc.
Community Service:
We do come together as a group and cook and serve one of the Lenten Suppers.
Family Outings:
We like to cookout, take trips to the fall pumpkin patch, etc.
When and Where?
Usually the 1st & 3rd Sunday at
4:30 pm-6:30 pm in the Church Kitchen & Fellowship Hall
Through all of these activities, we create new and lasting friendships
Send a request to join our Facebook Page to get updated information and posts of activities, meeting time or place variations, etc.
Or Call or Text Kathryn Ralston at 507-822-0686
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