Shetek Conference-Ondini Circuit South African Partnership   “Walking Together with Christ”                                          

What is the purpose of this partnership? The Shetek Conference—which involves congregations in Jackson, Cottonwood, Nobles, Murray, Rock, & Pipestone counties (SW MN Synod of ELCA) & the Ondini Circuit (SE Diocese of ELCSA) that encompasses 60 congregations and 12 parishes are walking together and partnering for the sake of the Gospel to:

  • Build mutual understanding and support as brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe from one another. We walk with our partners to teach, mentor, share our time and talents and money resources.  We do this because of our love for Christ and desire to work together to learn, better their lives and broaden relationships;
  • Learn from one another; Assist in creating sustainability in gardens and other projects that can help fund various needs including assisting with pastors salaries
  • Establish small-scale community agricultural projects in the Ondini Circuit for the health and well-being of their communities in partnership with the Zamani Garden Project in the Ondini Circuit. This partnership is active and projects are successful and continue to grow in two key locations. Expansion is a goal to other parishes.  They are working together with several resources to enhance their projects and are working to become accountable and sustainable.  They have told us “You will not catch us sitting down!”  This partnership committee is also responsible for the administration of the Kwazamokuhle Diaconal Center which includes a special school for handicapped children;
  • Help fund school uniforms for school children in the Ondini Circuit (a school uniform—warm and cold weather and gym clothes can cost @$100);
  • Assist in lay pastor training; and
  • Assist with health and wellness groups including HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Diabetes to improve health.


  • Pray for guidance and continued work in this mission partnership.
  • Support the partnership by sending your contributions to the Shetek Conference Treasurer Carol Serfling. If writing a check, please write Shetek- South African Partnership in the memo line. 100% of the money given goes directly into the partnership account to be used for designated projects.
  • Have a representative from your congregation on the Shetek Partnership Committee.
  • Support Mission Sundays.

The Shetek-Ondini Partnership leadership includes: Dale Holmes, Chair        25444 130th St, Fulda, MN  56131  507-926-5289 Carol Serfling, Treasurer     PO Box 293, Adrian, MN  56110-0293   507-483-2169 Bonnie Frederickson, Secretary     42990 900th St, Heron Lake MN 56137 507-831-5091 Pastor Sarah Tade             Windom American Lutheran Church   507-589-9308We will continue to walk together in Christ with our partners in the Ondini Circuit!